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Keeping your animal companion happy and healthy requires more than just love. It takes time, attention and commitment to maintaining his or her wellbeing through every stage of life. To accomplish this, you need a partner. Someone who will care for your pet’s health and wellness as much as you do. The team at Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center would be honored to fulfill that important role in your pet’s life. Our services are extremely comprehensive and merge the best of both Western medicine as well as Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine based therapy options. In addition to conventional diagnostics and treatment, we also include recommendations for things like herbal prescriptions, nutritional therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatment as appropriate. These are referred to as “alternative” or holistic treatments and are designed to treat the whole patient – body, mind and spirit. We also offer cutting-edge and non-pharmaceutical therapies, such as laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). Whether it’s modern diagnostic testing and advanced surgery, a natural and holistic treatment, or a complementary approach that combines both, we’ve got you covered. For a full list of services available to patients of Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center, please see below. Or, contact us today and let us develop a customized health care plan that’s as unique as your special friend.

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