Radio Surgery

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Radiosurgery uses radio waves to cut and cauterize tissue in lieu of a scalpel blade or scissors. It is considered a less traumatic method and offers the added advantage of cauterizing blood vessels at the same time, which minimizes bleeding. Radiosurgery is similar to electrosurgery but uses radio waves instead of electricity. This is considered to be gentler to the tissues because less heat is generated. Healing is also faster as less scar tissue is created. 

At WWIVC, we have a state-of-the-art Ellman unit that is commonly used by human surgeons, including plastic surgeons. The Ellman can be used to quickly and effectively remove small growths, such as adenomas, cysts, or warts, often with only a local anesthetic. It can also be used to control bleeding during many surgical procedures. We are proud to use this high-tech equipment to provide the best care to our patients!

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