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Homotoxicology is a potent treatment method that combines acupuncture with specific types of homeopathic preparations. The patient’s own blood is commonly used, mixed with homeopathic prescriptions, and then injected into acupuncture points to stimulate the body’s own natural healing responses.  Aqua-acupuncture (the practice of injecting sterile fluids like saline, vitamin B12, or homeopathic solutions into acupuncture points) is combined with hemo-acupuncture (the practice of injecting the patient’s own blood into acupuncture points). The theory behind homotoxicology is that the body “knows” what its issues or deficiencies are and the blood is used to communicate this information to the acupuncture channels to help guide and improve the body’s natural healing processes. The homeopathic prescriptions enhance the process. All the benefits of regular acupuncture apply as well.
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