Eating the right foods is the best medicine there is. Health begins at the food source and promotes a state of well-being and healing.

Every pet is created differently and we will help determine the best diet plan for your furry loved one. Balanced whole fresh foods are what we recommend most, but we will work with you to choose the best quality foods that support both you and your pet’s lifestyle.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCVM), not only are the specific ingredients important, but the energy (hot, cold, etc.) of the foods can support your pet depending on their TCVM “pattern”. This type of medicine is amazing as it can be used safely throughout your pet’s entire lifetime to support and maintain a balanced lifestyle. It can also help prevent disease processes in the future. Nutrition can be a stressful topic to most pet owners, but we will work with you and your pet to formulate the best nutritional plan for your companion.