Our Mission

At Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center we merge Western and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in order to provide the best medical care to pets and maximize their health and wellness. In so doing, we know that we also enhance the wellbeing of their human caretakers and this is as important to us.

Our Vision

Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center’s goal is to develop a wide range of integrative services dedicated to companion animal health and wellness.

Our Logo

An owl, symbol of wisdom and knowledge, is carrying a Yin Yang, symbol of harmony and balance.

Our Name

All Things Wise And Wonderful is the third volume of a trilogy written by Dr. James Herriot, British Veterinarian and Dr. Martin’s hero and inspiration.

Dr. Martin sees all living creatures as wise and wonderful, with great teachings to share with us about courage, compassion, and living in the moment.

The name of our clinic is the best homage she could offer to the animals we care for, and the man who inspired her to dedicate her life to them.



Video Transcript:

Dr. Martin: “My name’s Dr. Jennifer Martin, and I’m the owner of Wise & Wonderful Integrated Veterinary Center. We took over the business in April of 2018. We are an integrated veterinary clinic, so that means that we merge Western medicine with traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, incorporating modalities like acupuncture and herbal prescriptions, alongside Western traditional type of veterinary care.”

Francis Prevot: “First of all, pets are all wise and wonderful. We love all of them, and improving their lives and making sure that they have a long and healthy and beautiful life is always a beautiful goal. It’s really rewarding when you see them coming back and they are doing better. And also, I’m very attached to people’s well being and when they are so attached to their companions, when their companions are so close to them, it’s also very important to improve their lives and to make sure that they have the best one with their companion. We really have an impact on people’s life, and I love that part of the work.”

Dr. Martin: “We take care of lots of dogs and cats, and some exotic animals, like reptiles, rodents, hamsters, rabbits, and things like that. For traditional Chinese veterinary medicine acupuncture that’s applicable to any species, so that can be performed on anything from a little mouse to a big, giant mastiff.”

Dr. Martin: “There are a few clinics that are offering a la carte, where they might not have an acupuncture service that they offer, or they might do some homeopathy or some other things. And there are also clinics that do strictly holistic-oriented treatments. But we’re as far as I know the only clinic that has fully integrated for full-service traditional Chinese veterinary medicine along with full-service Western. So we can do things like routine healthcare, vaccination, surgery, dental care, and we can also do fully holistic herbal acupuncture type treatments that most of the time we try to merge the two together to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients.”

Francis Prevot: “And the whole team is working on that. And our impact on people’s lives, not just their companions. When you help their companions, you help them. And that’s very important to us.” Dr. Martin: “I’m Dr. Jennifer Martin, owner of Wise & Wonderful Integrated Veterinary Center. We are the veterinary best of East and West, and we look forward to meeting you soon and hoping we can help with your pet’s healthcare needs.”