This patient doesn’t believe in exam tables. He thinks we
should just admire him from his perch on the x-ray table!

Dr. Jordan and Coddingtown Vet and I go way back. I can remember bringing in my Dogs, Cats, Rats, Hamsters and eventually my Ferrets. Dr. Jordan was essential in helping each and everyone of my fury family members to live a healthy and happy life. She was played a pivotal role in helping my Shasta live two weeks shy of his tenth birthday and for you Ferret lovers, you know that this is quite exceptional. I know that with Dr. Jordan’s care and genuine concern, my newest addition to my family will be in the best of hands. Thanks Dr. Jordan for always being there and for expecting nothing but the best from your staff.

Thank goodness I finally found you! You have no idea how hard it is to find a veterinarian who is experienced with ferrets! I wish I had known about you years ago — there is nothing more heartbreaking than watching your baby suffer because uninformed people think ferrets are “wild animals” even though they have been domesticated since before cats! Bless you!

I’m so happy to have found you, Dr. Jordan! You’re the best. You make me smile and wiggle with joy. My buddy Jack Corgi and I love seeing you and everyone in the clinic so much that we have to go there often and get rawfoods. We’re crazy happy about this food thing. I mean, ever since we started eating this new diet, we have the waistlines and energy of puppies. I turned 10 years old in Nov. 2007 and nobody believes it! Thanks a million licks for everything.
–An email message from Tilin Corgi, with the help of Jack Corgi and Anisonya Siamese

And isn’t this a handsome boy? This cool dude’s name is Sonoma.

Miss Trixie is planning on going shopping after her visit to the vet!

“I am so grateful for Dr.Jordan and her staff. If it weren’t for her, I would have lost my favorite ferret. In fact, both my ferrets are in the doctor’s care. She has taught me things about ferrets that I didn’t know and I am forever grateful. Thanks to Dr.Jordan, I now have two FAT and happy fuzzies!”
–Trixie’s mom, Susan

Mr Charlie Wong says, “You’ve got raw diet? Raw diet is my favorite!”

Sarah Mills says, “Me too! Me too! See how beautifully I can sit? Don’t you just NEED to give me a treat?”