The most common behavioral problems in dogs are the result of either not being neutered, or not being trained.  Every time you spend time with your dog you are training him — whether you mean to or not.  The question is, what are you training him or her to do?  One of the best sources of fun ways to relate to your dog while also encouraging the right behavior is Dr. Ian Dunbars

Further training information from Ian Dunbar can be found on his website:
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If your dog or a dog you know is a chronic barker, a specialized website dealing with this behavior issue may be found here.

In cats, most behavioral problems come from not being neutered, or having too many cats in the household leading to territorial stress.  Territorial stress can be minimized by creating a safe zone where your cats do not have to fight for turf by installing “cat fencing” along the top of your existing back yard fence.  To learn more about this quick and easy way to keep your cats from scrapping with the neighbors check out

Also, inappropriate urination is a common problem among cats, and there are many ways to prevent this behavior. A great source of information can be found here.