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Acupuncture Vet Near Me in Santa Rosa

Acupuncture is a valued branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is a standard treatment option for holistic, integrative veterinary medicine. In TCM terms, acupuncture helps to stimulate an animal’s life force, or life energy – called chi or qi. Today, modern science defines acupuncture treatments as a way of stimulating the nerves and neural … Read More »

How Acupuncture for Dogs with Allergies Can Help

 Dogs can suffer from a variety of allergies, whether they stem from food, contact with grass or pollen, and other environmental triggers. While allergy medicines are an option, they aren’t the best, long-term solution since they introduce synthetic chemicals that come with additional risks and potentially harmful side effects. We try to treat allergies as … Read More »

Give Your Furry Companions a Gift by Finding Acupuncture For Pets Near You

Are you looking for an integrative or holistic veterinary center that offers acupuncture for pets near you?  The rise in popularity of acupuncture as a non-invasive, relaxing, and natural treatment for human ailments benefits our furry companions, too. Currently, pet acupuncture is considered more “traditional” than ever, especially as well-respected organizations such as PetMD and … Read More »

Animal Care Center: Does Your Dog or Cat Really Need Medication? Maybe Not…

Pet medications are like human medications – they’re all accompanied by a list of risks and benefits. Your animal care center’s job is to make sure that your pet only takes medication when absolutely necessary, and that the dosage is customized/adjusted as needed over time. Schedule a Medication Review with a Holistic Animal Care Center … Read More »

Geriatric Pet Care: 5 Common Issues Affecting Senior Dogs

While your dog’s “middle age” may creep up on you, it’s difficult to ignore the signs. Many of these indicators are the same for senior humans – increasing amounts of gray “fur” on the head, face, and body, slower movements getting in/out of bed, and less stamina when it comes to favorite walks and activities. … Read More »

Acupuncture Points for Dogs with Arthritis Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Did you know that the same points used for acupressure are used in acupuncture for dogs with arthritis? Proven to provide pain relief, decrease inflammation, and increase mobility, these important trigger points can be stimulated or massaged by owners to support their pet’s arthritis treatments. Never Try Acupuncture at Home Before we talk about specific … Read More »

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