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7 Benefits of Owning Reptiles


Are you thinking about getting a new pet? Dogs and cats are the most popular animal companions these days, but other types of pets also have some great qualities. Take reptiles, for example. Our scaled pals may not be the right pet for everyone, but there definitely are some bonuses to having one. A Sonoma … Read More »

Doggy Dental Care 101


Did you know that dental issues are very common in our canine companions? Keeping Fido’s choppers healthy is very important! Read on as a local Santa Rosa, CA vet offers a few tips on caring for your dog’s teeth. Watch For Warning Signs Fido can’t tell you if his teeth hurt, so it’s up to … Read More »

9 Simple Ways to Spoil Your Cat


Kitties are pretty purrfect little pets in our book. Fluffy is cute, cuddly, clean, and easy to care for, not to mention absolutely hilarious. We all know that catnip and the occasional can of tuna will get that little motor going, but there are actually many other ways to spoil your feline buddy. A Sonoma … Read More »

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Homemade Pocket Pet Toys


Do you have a bunny, hamster, Guinea pig, or gerbil? These little furballs make wonderful pets! One thing that that many of these pocket pets have in common is the fact that they need to chew a lot. Otherwise, they can develop some very painful and dangerous dental problems. However, you don’t have to spend … Read More »

Acupuncture Vet Near Me in Santa Rosa

Acupuncture is a valued branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is a standard treatment option for holistic, integrative veterinary medicine. In TCM terms, acupuncture helps to stimulate an animal’s life force, or life energy – called chi or qi. Today, modern science defines acupuncture treatments as a way of stimulating the nerves and neural … Read More »

How Acupuncture for Dogs with Allergies Can Help

 Dogs can suffer from a variety of allergies, whether they stem from food, contact with grass or pollen, and other environmental triggers. While allergy medicines are an option, they aren’t the best, long-term solution since they introduce synthetic chemicals that come with additional risks and potentially harmful side effects. We try to treat allergies as … Read More »

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