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Debbie CatzDebbie Catz

Knowledgable, sensitive, respect for the pet parent and the animal and they don't have their own "agenda". Dr. Martin has such a gentle approach and her techs are amazing too. I drive from Sonoma to go here!

Keith NormanKeith Norman

Dr. Jordan and her staff are beyond 5 star in the care they give. I can tell that they truly love their work and it translates into loving care for all the animals that pass through their door. If you really love your animals you take them to Dr. Jordan and her excellent staff.

Renee B.Renee B.

Wonderfully skilled and caring doctors and staff. I know my dog is always getting the best care and we never feel rushed or financially exploited.

Christopher NelsonChristopher Nelson

If you have a pet you love, take them here and they will be just as loved by the crew at CVC!

Ranger RisingRanger Rising

I miss you Dr. J. and all the staff! Mom takes me to some good clinics here in Alaska but there will never be one as great as you!

Debra TurnerDebra Turner

Dr Jordan is AWESOME. It's nice to have a vet actually take time with you and yours. her and her staff make you feel welcome. Until today, I haven't had a vet visit last more than 10 mins. So the 25-30minutes she spent with us today was wonderful. Thank you.

Travis ThayerTravis Thayer

Thanks to Dr. Jordan and her staff! We were on vacation in the North Bay and our dog was vomiting. After some X-rays to make sure that everything was okay, they gave him some medication and gave us some special feeding instructions and now he feels much better. Everyone was friendly and professional and it really put our dog at ease. He feels much better! Thanks Coddingtown Vet!

Marcy K.Marcy K.

Had a wonderful experience at Wise & Wonderful on 5/24/19. The entire team was fantastic and especially Felicia and Dr. Martin. They were very thorough and...

Michelle EdwardsMichelle Edwards

Good People! Have Taken Wonderful Care Of Our Boys For Years. We All Appreciate Them Greatly. Thanks A Million For All You Do.

Marsha H.Marsha H.

Wish I had found this vet sooner! Impressed with the quality of service! Very
gentle and thorough! Really know what they are doing! Great job and thanks...

Anna Cummings JacopettiAnna Cummings Jacopetti

The vet and assistants focus on relating positively to our dog, making him comfortable and cared for. I wish most medical doctors did as well.

Cheslyn Jewell BordessaCheslyn Jewell Bordessa

The entire staff here was amazing when I visited them with my 4 foot iguana. They made a fuss over him as if he were a fuzzy newborn kitten!!! It's a good feeling knowing that my big guy will be in good hands when we need to come back! I'm terrible with names, but the vet man handled my wiggling, feisty, angry iguana with such ease and grace and then spent some time with me teaching me about their mouth anatomy as well as what to expect from him as he goes into breeding season! I'm so happy I found you guys!!!!

Cathy Lee OlsenCathy Lee Olsen

Dr. Martin and her staff are amazing! My dog has always been very anxious at the Vet Office and this is the first time he’s laid down and has not been resistant when someone is working on him. The atmosphere is so calm - from the bed and toys in the exam room to the soft music and diffusers. They are so compassionate and truly go the extra mile to make it Fear Free.

Kathleen RhodesKathleen Rhodes

Dr. Martin, along with the entire staff, was extremely understanding and helpful during a difficult time for me and one of my pets. I highly recommend this veterinary center!

Leah WoodyLeah Woody

Can’t express enough gratitude and my amazement for Dr. Stanley, Felicia and their entire team for bringing our cat Delilah back from the brink to health! I have had many animals in my 48 yrs and many vet centers. WW Integrative Vet is by far the most thorough, loving AND cost effective vet center I’ve ever encountered! You all are amazing!!!

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