Our Philosophy

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Our Mission

At Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center we merge Western and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in order to provide the best medical care to pets and maximize their health and wellness. In so doing, we know that we also enhance the wellbeing of their human caretakers and this is as important to us.

Our Vision

Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center’s goal is to develop a wide range of integrative services dedicated to companion animal health and wellness.

Our Logo

An owl, symbol of wisdom and knowledge, is carrying a Yin Yang, symbol of harmony and balance.

Our Name

All Things Wise And Wonderful is the third volume of a trilogy written by Dr. James Herriot, British Veterinarian and Dr. Martin’s hero and inspiration. Dr. Martin sees all living creatures as wise and wonderful, with great teachings to share with us about courage, compassion, and living in the moment. The name of our clinic is the best homage she could offer to the animals we care for, and the man who inspired her to dedicate her life to them.  

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