Our feline friends have really stepped up over the past few months. This has been a very trying time, and Fluffy has been doing her best to soothe, comfort, and entertain her humans. Unfortunately, many cats don’t have people to snuggle and meow at. Shelters are filled with cute kitties who desperately need good homes. This is actually a great time to adopt one! A Santa Rosa, CA vet discusses adopting a shelter cat below.


Adopting a shelter kitty is a wonderful thing to do! You’re giving one lucky feline a second chance at happiness. You’ll be repaid for this kindness with purrs, cuddles, unconditional love, and, of course, live entertainment. Of course, this won’t only benefit your new pet. You’re also helping other animals, both by freeing up space at the shelter and helping the shelter financially, allowing them to care for other homeless pets.

Choosing Your Cat

Shelters have kitties of all ages, breeds, and colors. Sometimes you only need to look at a furry face to know that you’ve found your pet. In many cases, you can browse the shelter’s adoptable pets online, and fill out the required paperwork by email. Keep an open heart, and don’t overlook the less adoptable furballs. Sometimes the cats no one wanted turn out to be the most loving pets!

Veterinary Care

Generally, shelter cats have already been fixed, and should be current on their vaccines and parasite control products. However, you will want to take Fluffy to meet her new vet as soon as you can. Your furry friend will need a full exam. She should also be microchipped.

Settling In

Going to a new home is a big deal for cats. Make sure you have everything you need ready and waiting for your new feline buddy. Put these things in a quiet area at first, so your kitty has a comfy place to relax and settle in. Spend time with her, but don’t force attention on her. In order to build trust, it’s important to let Fluffy come to you. Try holding out a toy or treat and calling her to you by making kissing sounds. Your kitty may be curled up in your lap before you know it!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Santa Rosa, CA pet hospital, we’re here to help!