Pets are an important part of many people’s lives and have been shown to reduce stress and boost our immune systems through their loving presence and unconditional love.  Many people find sheltering in place more tolerable and less stressful because their companion animals are there to keep them company and provide a sense of routine.  But what about the animal’s needs during this stressful time?

Dr. Jennifer Martin at Wise and Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center would like to remind pet owners that veterinary care is considered an essential service during Sonoma County’s shelter in place order.  Many veterinary clinics are open and able to meet pet care needs at this time and have protocols in place to maximize safety for pet owners and veterinary staff.

If you are concerned about your companion animal’s health in any way, reach out to your veterinary clinic for guidance.  Some clinics including Wise and Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center are offering phone and telemedicine (video) consultations and can diagnosis and prescribe treatment based on this in many cases.  You can also get recommendations on whether it is appropriate to postpone routine care like annual examinations and vaccinations or whether there might be a risk or downside to doing this based on your individual pet’s health status.