Cats have many wonderful traits that make them great pets. One wonderful thing about Fluffy is the fact that she is easy to care for. However, your furry friend needs more than food, water, and a litterbox to stay happy, healthy, and purring. Read on as a Sonoma County, CA vet lists some simple ways to pamper a kitty.


If there’s one way to make your home into a luxury palace for your feline buddy, it’s to offer her lots of comfy beds. Store-bought beds are fine, but cats will sleep on anything that looks remotely comfortable. Put some soft folded blankets on a chair, sofa, or ottoman for Fluffy.


Toys provide cats with entertainment, enrichment, and stimulation, which are all very important for their health and well-being. Kitties all have their own unique tastes, so offer Fluffy a variety, and see what she likes best.

Window View

Don’t forget that your cute, cuddly pet is a predator at heart! While we recommend keeping cats inside, Fluffy will still enjoy watching birds and squirrels and daydreaming about hunting. Give your furry little voyeur a comfy seat with a good view.


Simply talking to Fluffy is another great way to make her feel loved. Your kitty won’t know what you’re saying, but she will understand that you’re trying to communicate with her. She may even talk back. (Of course, some cats chatter at their humans incessantly, but that’s another topic.)


One of Fluffy’s cutest quirks is her obsession with boxes. Remember to offer your feline pal empty boxes every now and then. Your furball will also enjoy having paper bags and newspaper tunnels to explore.


While it’s important for Fluffy to have some things she can use by herself, she’ll really benefit from interactive play. Try to play with your kitty daily.


Fluffy won’t hesitate to make herself comfortable on your things, but she’ll also enjoy having some things she doesn’t have to share. Offer your furball some pet furniture, such as cat towers, scratching posts, and pet tents.


Last but not least, pay lots of attention to Fluffy. Many kitties are very affectionate, and love being cuddled and petted. Even more aloof furballs often enjoy just being near their humans.

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