Are you thinking about getting a new pet? Dogs and cats are the most popular animal companions these days, but other types of pets also have some great qualities. Take reptiles, for example. Our scaled pals may not be the right pet for everyone, but there definitely are some bonuses to having one. A Sonoma County, CA vet lists some key ones below.

They’re Quiet

We love our canine patients, but not everyone is as fond of Fido as we are. Man’s Best Friend isn’t always quiet, which can cause issues with neighbors. Reptiles, however, don’t make noise, so you won’t have to worry about complaints from your neighbors.

They Aren’t Destructive

Another great thing about reptiles? They won’t chew up your shoes, dig holes in the yard, or leave a mess in the middle of your floor!

They’re Allergy-Friendly

Many people are allergic to our furry friends. (Note: in most cases, it’s dander, not actually pet hair, that causes reactions.) Reptiles are a great option for people with allergies.

No Odor

We’ve already mentioned the fact that we love dogs. Doggy odor? Not so much. Another great thing about reptiles is the fact that they usually don’t give off any odors. As long as you keep your pet’s habitat clean, you shouldn’t notice any smell at all.

They’re Beautiful To Watch

Reptiles may not be as charismatic as dogs and cats, but they do have unique personalities, and are actually quite intriguing to watch. You may find it really relaxing to just sit and observe your pet. Plus, reptile habitats can make attractive and unique additions to any room.

No Training Needed

Man’s Best Friend needs quite a bit of training to learn proper petiquette. As for cats, well, they usually train their people, but that’s beside the point. You won’t have to teach your pet iguana to Sit on command, or spend weeks housetraining your snake. In fact, reptiles don’t need any training at all: they just do their thing.

Minimal Daily Care

Although reptiles do need TLC in order to thrive, many of them are quite easy to care for. In fact, your daily tasks may only consist of giving your pet food and water, and spot cleaning their cage.

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