A simple Google search for Santa Rosa veterinary practices provides ample information about those of us practicing in the area, but it doesn’t offer enough information to determine which of the results is the right match for your pet – and you.

Cheat Sheet For Finding Your Ideal Santa Rosa Veterinary Center

Here is a “Cheat Sheet” you can use as a checklist for choosing a great vet, providing guidance on what to look for and what to ask when you’re there.

Word of Mouth: Start Asking Around

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The majority of our patients and their human caretakers come to us because they heard about us from friends, family or the animal shelter where they adopted their pets. Asking your neighbors, family, and coworkers where they take their pets is a good place to start.
Listen for veterinary offices that come up more than once. Then, go online and review their website.

  • Is it professional?
  • Do pictures seem like authentic images rather than boilerplate versions available for sale from online photo shops?
  • Does the wording resonate with you?
  • Do they share lists of their vets, staff and available services so you can learn more about them?
  • Is the contact information clearly visible?

All of these are signs that you’re on the right track.

Are They Fear Free Certified?

Fear Free Certification is a wonderful “standard” to insist upon from your Santa Rosa veterinary center of choice. This platinum-standard training and certification program helps veterinarians modify their procedures, handling, and facilities to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving the medical care they need. Look for the Fear Free Certified Logo or emblem on their practice’s front door, windows or the interior walls.
When vets use Fear Free practices, dogs and cats look forward to  going to the vet, rather than trembling or striking out with fear. If they don’t wag their tail with joy, we hope they can feel safe and calm. Click Here to read more about what Fear Free Certification means – and ensure your vet applies those tenets in their practice design and the way they approach, talk to and handle your beloved animals. At Wise and Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center, we are proud to be Fear Free certified and are committed to reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in our patients at every visit.

Does the Clinic Implement an East/West Medicine Approach?

Just as Kaiser and other mainstream medical practices increasingly implement clinically-proven, Eastern healing treatments (acupuncture, herbal supplements and remedies, cold laser treatments, holistic pain management and palliative care), veterinary practices are doing the same.
Running a holistic veterinary practice in Santa Rosa allows us to pull from a range of healing modalities, some of which have been used successfully on animals and humans for thousands of years. We find that implementing these gentler, non-invasive methods is often better for our pet patients’ overall health and wellbeing. And, of course, we’re always the first ones to suggest medication or surgery-based treatments if we feel that’s what’s needed.  This is the beauty of integrative medicine, merging the best of East and West. Looking for a vet who is open to medical wisdom from both the East and the West means giving your pets the best of both worlds so they can heal well and be as healthy as they can be.

Is the staff friendly?

The staff are the ambassadors between the veterinarians and the patients. Evaluate the staff’s presence, demeanor and bedside manner when making appointments and during treatments.

  • Is their tone warm and caring?
  • Are they welcoming to you and your pet?
  • Do they remain calm?
  • Does the staff seem to soothe or de-escalate things, or does their energy make it more intense?

And of course, once you’re let back into the exam room, apply these same questions and assessments to the veterinarians. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable or positive about your interactions with prospective vets and their staff, it’s not the right clinic for you. It may require visiting a few different practices before selecting the best Santa Rosa Veterinary center for your pets.

Are they busy?

A busy, but not overcrowded, waiting room is a good sign. It means the veterinarians there are well-liked and hardworking. Hopefully, you also witness a relatively efficient flow, showing staff knows how much time to allow for each patient to be seen, listened to, cared for, and treated – without being too rushed.

Is it a convenient location?

Ideally, you’ll find a great veterinarian within 20-minutes or less from your home. This means you can get your pets to and from the clinic without them becoming carsick or overly anxious along the way.
We believe there is the right Santa Rosa veterinary clinic for every pet in the area, and we hope you’ll book a visit with Wise & Wonderful to see if we’re the ones for you. We’re an integrative veterinary center that practices traditional and holistic care modalities so pets have access to exactly what they need to be well. Contact us to schedule your first appointment.