Just like humans, aging pets deserve health care from providers who specialize in geriatric pet care. Older pets have different needs when it comes to diet, supplementation and exercise. They also require special treatment and a gentler hand, paying careful attention to organ function and other aspects of their overall well-being.

Integrative Vets Offer the Best Geriatric Pet Care

We firmly believe that licensed, integrative vets provide the highest-quality geriatric pet care available from the veterinary world. That’s because our methodology is different from the traditional, Western veterinary approach.

Welcome to a Safe and Fear-Free Atmosphere

Geriatric Pet Care
What is your pet’s opinion of a trip the vet? If you’re like most pet caretakers, your animal companion(s) may shake, shiver, crouch low, bark or become surprisingly aggressive, try to escape or lose control of the bladder/bowels.
Those are all signs of fight-or-flight responses, meaning your pet’s system is flooded with cortisol. While this is a healthy instinctual response to a truly threatening situation, all of that cortisol is not good for pets when it’s released unnecessarily – and it’s especially hard on the organs and nervous systems of older and senior pets.
Most integrative veterinary clinics work very hard to provide a safe and non-threatening environment for our pet clients and their humans, and we spend extra time helping pets become relaxed, calm and comfortable. The result is a happier pet that’s better able to relax during exams so we can find out what’s wrong (and what’s right!) without causing additional stress and trauma.  At Wise and Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center, we have gone above and beyond in this area to become one of a few Fear Free Certified (add link: https://fearfreepets.com) practices nationwide, ensuring we use the most advanced methods possible to reduce Fear, Anxiety, and Stress in our patients (and clients!).

Least Invasive Successful Treatments are Always Used First

Pets have sensitive systems and they become increasingly sensitive as they age. Therefore, we want to promote their overall well-being, minimizing the use of anesthesia and prescription medications whenever possible.
By doing so, we minimize the risks associated with anesthesia and senior pets, particularly those with pre-existing heart conditions or diseases affecting the major organs. Instead of recommending “routine surgery,” we’ll explore all of the less-invasive options with you first, weighing the risks and benefits for each one.

Lifestyle Changes and Augmentations are Ideal

If there’s any way we can recommend specific lifestyle changes or augment your pet’s nutrition or current medication routine without adding more to the mix – that’s great. The simple act of ensuring your pet gets all the nutrients s/he needs and maintains a target weight can work wonders when it comes to alleviating some of the most common conditions requiring geriatric pet care.

Medication-Free Treatments with Better Results

Prescription medications have been the go-to “treatment” for decades – and there are billions of dollars funneled into the pet pharmaceutical industry. There is absolutely no doubt that many medications are essential to a pet’s health, and we’re always happy to utilize prescriptions when they’re deemed the best treatment available by us.
Some of our holistic treatment methods include:

Nutritional therapy

You’re familiar with the saying, “you are what you eat,” and the same goes for your pet. We could also argue you are what you don’t eat, since lack of critical vitamins, minerals and micronutrients leads to serious health issues.
Evaluating your pet’s diet, making sure s/he eats high-quality food that’s right for the species, age, and lifestyle, is the first step. Depending on your pet’s needs, we may also recommend certain vitamin and/or herbal supplements to boost their nutrient intake.

Acupuncture and cold laser therapy

Did you know acupuncture for pets is an approved healing modality by the American Veterinary Medical Association? That’s right! What was once considered “alternative” is now considered very mainstream – even if many vets are slow to become certified in this area of general and geriatric pet care. The same is true for cold laser therapy (also called laser acupuncture).
Not only are these treatments considered mainstream, increasing scientific evidence shows that using these non-invasive, non-medication forms of prevention and treatment, spares pet’s systems from harmful toxins and stress and often provides better quality of life.
Eastern-based healing modalities can treat, prevent and support many of the issues we see in the world of geriatric pet care such as:

  • Allergies
  • Inflammation
  • Pain from arthritis and other musculoskeletal issues
  • Lethargy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Wound Care

They also help to boost the immune system, which promotes overall animal wellness.
Wise & Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center provides compassionate geriatric pet care, and we prioritize the overall health and wellbeing of your pet at all times. Schedule a consultation and watch your pets fall in love with their vets!