If you are looking for petcare in Santa Rosa, remember that it is similar to finding a good doctor for your own medical needs.  You want a doctor that you can trust, communicate with, and is concerned about your health.  How do you find the same qualities in a veterinarian, when there are almost 30 veterinary hospitals in the Santa Rosa area?
It is important to establish a relationship with a veterinarian for petcare in Santa Rosa before you need one. Searching through Yelp reviews the day your pet becomes ill is not always the best option, especially since many people who go online are focused on complaints.  Word of mouth from friends and relatives is often more important. The best approach is to carefully decide in advance what you need for your pet’s care. Do you have a new puppy or a geriatric pet?  Do you have an exotic pet such as a reptile or a rabbit? Do you want a more holistic approach?  Do you need a 24-hour hospital or one that provides house calls?  What did you like or dislike about your previous vet? What would be the ideal veterinary experience for you and your pet?


Petcare Santa Rosa
You can get an idea of a veterinary hospital’s philosophy from their website and Facebook page.  The website will list the services that they provide, information about their veterinarians and team members, and perhaps a brief tour of the facility.  Many websites include videos of their interactions with patients and you can see how your pet will be treated.
If your pet has been fearful or stressed at other veterinary visits, look for a hospital that includes ‘Fear Free’ certification for their team members.  They will have been trained in ways to make the visit more comfortable for both you and your pet.  
You can personally check out a veterinary hospital prior to making an appointment.  Is the reception area crowded? Does it seem clean? Does the hospital have a smell or the sounds of barking dogs and crying cats?  Your pet will smell and hear more than you can, and these distractions will affect the success of your visit.
When you call for an appointment, pay attention to how reception staff responds to your questions and concerns. They will be your conduit to veterinary care. Are they welcoming and informative, or do they seem rushed? Do you feel that they are concerned for your pet’s health?
At your first visit, does the veterinarian listen to you and treat your pet in a kind and respectful manner?  Do they seem knowledgeable and easy to communicate with? Do they take the time to include you in the medical plan for your pet?

What About Comparing Costs When Choosing a Vet?

Providing veterinary medical services is expensive.  For your own medical care, your general practitioner may refer you to a separate facility for x-rays, laboratory tests, surgery, or dentistry.  Most veterinary hospitals have all these services available under one roof, as well as an extensive pharmacy, but there are considerable overhead and staffing costs.  A lower cost hospital that provides pet care in Santa Rosa may not be an ideal fit if they are not full service, are understaffed, have short appointment times, or don’t instill a sense of confidence that your pet’s welfare is of foremost importance.  
The ASPCA has estimated that the annual cost of owning a pet can be over $1,000.   This assumes that your pet does not become ill or have a chronic condition. If cost is a major factor in choosing a veterinarian for pet care in Santa Rosa, look for hospitals that accept Care Credit – not every hospital participates in this payment program.  Pet insurance is also a good option and can be a lifesaver if your pet becomes critically ill or needs expensive surgery.  Some people set aside a separate savings account to be sure that they have the resources to provide for their pet’s medical care.

Why Consider Wise and Wonderful Integrative Veterinary Center?

The number one reason is that we focus on providing excellent medical care and developing a close relationship with the pet owner.  We offer a holistic approach that includes acupuncture, herbs, laser, and chiropractic – as well as providing surgery, dentistry, radiology, laboratory services, and a fully stocked pharmacy.  Our team is Fear Free’ certified to help your pet have a good experience with us.  Lastly, we have a clean and friendly environment and encourage you to check out our website and Facebook page.  We also welcome you to stop by and get acquainted! Contact us for more information.