Sometimes pet owners feel they have to decide between a Santa Rosa veterinary clinic that uses traditional, western medicine and one that uses an alternative-only approach. This isn’t the case.

Santa Rosa veterinary clinic with an integrative approach

Holistic Veterinary Clinics
The best veterinarians know that both western and eastern medicine practices have much to offer our beloved pets. Thus, we practice integrative, or holistic veterinary medicine, combining the best Eastern and Western Allopathic medicine offers.
Pets and owners notice an immediate difference because we go well beyond the simplistic healing model of treating symptoms and hoping for the best. Instead, we promote comfort and well-being in our patients by alleviating symptoms while simultaneously working to treat the root cause of the disease, condition or ailment – using the least invasive and most sustainable means possible.
So, while our veterinarians perform surgery when necessary, we may recommend trying laser therapy first – allowing the pet’s cellular and immune system to heal more naturally. While your pet may require a traditional pharmaceutical medication, you may find that acupuncture reduces dosage or eliminates the need for medications.

What does this mean for you and your pet?

So what does this mean – or look like – for you and your pet? Good question.
Here are some of the most common ways our pet patients and their human companions benefit from an integrative and holistic approach.

We evaluate diet and lifestyle

Just like humans, our pets’ health is at the mercy of diet and lifestyle choices. Unlike humans, however, pets have less of a say or choice in what they eat and other aspects of their day-to-day lives.
Often, we find making dietary changes, or adding certain nutritional supplements, improves a pet’s energy levels, health status, and well-being. For example, you may find that rather than the dreadful disease diagnosis you expected, we find your pet has a simple food or environmental allergy treatable via dietary changes. Or, we may discover the food you currently give your pet exacerbates inflammation or weight gain, making arthritis or autoimmune disorders worse than they need to be.
The simple combination of what we call nutritional therapy and regular exercise does much to improve a pet’s health and get them on the right track – particularly when paired with additional treatment options as needed.

Does your Santa Rosa Veterinary clinic offer acupuncture?

While pets are domesticated to a point, there is still more of the “wild creature” in them than you may think – and this means their systems are highly-sensitive to synthetic chemicals or the anesthesia required for invasive surgical treatments.
Acupuncture for dogs and cats has proven to treat a variety of common conditions that are traditionally treated using pharmaceutical drugs or more invasive procedures. Licensed veterinarians use acupuncture for pets to treat:

  • Arthritis and certain spine-/nerve-related issues
  • Respiratory problems including asthma and allergies
  • Certain skin conditions
  • Anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Selected reproductive disorders

In some cases, a Santa Rosa veterinary clinic’s successful acupuncture treatments may eliminate the need for medication; in others, acupuncture may reduce dosage or the quantities of medication administered over a lifetime, dramatically decreasing negative medication side effects and organ toxicity.

Skip anesthesia for dental cleanings

Humans avoid anesthesia whenever possible because suspending a life via medication and mechanical monitors is a delicate and tricky balance. The same is true for pets – if not more so – and yet most Santa Rosa veterinary offices still use anesthesia for routine dental cleanings and treatments.
Did you know anesthesia is more risky for older and overweight pets? Studies also indicate cats are more sensitive to anesthesia than other animals, and dogs with shorter/smaller nasal passages and pets with multiple medical conditions are also more at risk for anesthesia-related complications. Why risk all that for a simple (but essential) dental cleaning when it’s not strictly necessary?
While not right for every patient and condition, Santa Rosa veterinary clinics offering holistic treatment options are more likely to provide the option for non-anesthesia dental treatments when possible to minimize unnecessary – and potentially fatal – risks.

Our Santa Rosa integrative veterinary center provides pain management and palliative care

If your pet suffers from an incurable condition, pain management and overall comfort become the top priority. The second priority is to treat pain with the least amount of medication and the fewest harmful side effects possible. Pain management includes prescribing pain meds when needed, but we can augment western medications with treatments such as herbal prescriptions, or glucosamine tablets or injections to help with inflammation and arthritis.
If your pet’s quality of life has diminished to the point where you feel euthanasia is the most compassionate step, we’ll provide heart-centered palliative care to ease the transition for everyone present.
Are you ready to learn more about a Santa Rosa integrative veterinary center that uses holistic, integrative practices to provide the best possible care for your pets? Contact us here at Wise and Wonderful Veterinary Center.