Veterinarians who remain on the cutting edge of research and treatment innovation are increasingly advertising themselves as holistic veterinary clinics. Our own clinic, Wise and Wonderful Vet is one of these.
But what does the term “holistic pet care” mean, and how does it impact the quality of treatment your animal companions receive?
Simply put: we promote animal wellness.

A holistic veterinary clinic considers the whole animal’s body and being

Holistic Veterinary Clinic
Just as it does in human terms, holistic encompasses the entirety of the physical body as well as the emotional and energetic being. Unlike most traditional western medicines – where parts are considered independent from one another and treatments aim to be immediate no matter how temporary they may be – doctors at a holistic veterinary clinic know that each part is connected to the whole and we base our treatments accordingly.
Ultimately, a holistic veterinary clinic pairs the best of Western veterinary diagnoses, technology and treatment with the best of Eastern medicine’s healing modalities. As a result of this combined approach, holistic veterinary medicine is also referred to as integrative medicine.
So, in addition to x-rays, blood tests, prescription medicines and necessary surgical treatments, we’re just as likely – or more likely – to suggest:

  • Nutritional therapy, including the use of herbal supplements and traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).
  • Acupuncture, which intentionally stimulates key meridian points along the animal’s body to stimulate healing processes and to manage pain.
  • Cold laser therapy (also called laser acupuncture), which delivers infrared light waves in the form of photons to activate pressure points or to stimulate cell regeneration and healing in the deep tissue layers, organs, joints and connective tissue.
  • PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) Therapy, which uses magnetic energy to activate the body’s magnetic field and is known to enhance healing for injury or medical conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.
  • Non-anesthetic dental cleanings and treatments that forgo the use of anesthesia whenever appropriate.
  • Hospice care and pain management. The heartbreaking reality is that no animal lives forever. When a medical condition or age-related degeneration has progressed to the point where treatments no longer work or negatively impact quality of life, we can provide hospice-care services to mitigate pain as they transition from life into death – including the use of euthanasia.

The AVMA supports holistic veterinary clinics

Holistic veterinary clinics aim to provide the safest, least invasive and longest-term treatments and interventions – always reaching for standard, western-based options when they make the most sense. In other words, you and your pet get the best of both worlds.
As a result of the AVMA’s support, combined with the continuing output of evidence-based research supporting these holistic healing modalities, many pet insurance carriers cover a portion of these treatments the same way they cover more conventional meds and treatments.

Benefits of visiting a holistic veterinary clinic

There are multiple benefits of holistic medicine for pets.

  • Comfortable, trauma-free experience. First and foremost, the large majority of animals find holistic treatments to be more comfortable, free of trauma or fear and more successful than other options. In fact, you may find that a pet who used to tremble or resist entering their former vet’s office now enters their holistic veterinary clinic with ease, happily wagging his/her tail.
  • Greater, long-term benefits. While traditional treatments may provide quicker and more immediate relief, they often serve as a mask rather than a solution to underlying causes. Holistic modalities work to find the source of the discomfort and disease and promote healing from that place, which leads to greater, long-term benefits.
  • Fewer to zero negative side effects. Any medication or invasive treatment experienced by your pet comes with a laundry list of potentially harmful effects. Sometimes, these side-effects wind up causing more pain, discomfort, illness and toxicity than the existing condition. A holistic veterinary clinic uses the most effective treatment with the least-impactful effects – which often means a pet never experiences any negative treatment impacts at all.

Wise and Wonderful Vet has served the Santa Rosa area as a holistic veterinary clinic since the late 1980’s, making us one of the most experienced and practiced holistic veterinary clinics in the nation. Contact our office, or call 707-546-4646, to schedule a consultation with your pet – and we’ll show you why holistic veterinary clinics are the wave of the future.